by Industrial Ferret

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released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Industrial Ferret Inverness, UK

Industrial Ferret
Scottish Highlands

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Track Name: Elektro Villain
join us
and trust
none of your dreams can be crushed
curiosity turns into lust
hard hitting melodies piercing through the crust

welcome elektro villain
don't blink
maintain that vision
spilling guts with the words that you have written
killing systems that our government has thickened
welcome elektro villain
providing everyone with deadly ammunition
bang bang shooting at the cunt exhibition
no use searching for the government conditions
Track Name: I'm Just Fucking With You
I'm just fucking with you
Track Name: Anubis
follow follow
delusional psycho
high trend techno
you can be a hero

death sends shock waves
can you feel the ground start to shake
tomb tied so brave
is there any more I can take
take it to your grave
heavy heart big mistake
graveyard paths I create
when I leave it up to fate

where's your god now
is he looking over you
are you thinking what I'm thinking
none of this is true
the jackal head will weigh your heart
the worms around you spread apart
the afterlife would be bright in the dark
Track Name: Such Divine Hatred
you lack greatness
I will leave you right here fucking faceless
pure hatred
that's enough
enough of your shit
la la la I will make it quick and painless
leave somebody in the dirt fucking naked

just fuck your life
just die
why the fuck are you still alive
Track Name: Teknologi Awaken
forming equations
and numbered rotations
so much frustration
the projects just begun
systems shut down from the effects of vibrations
oh what have we done
force evacuation

races speak
machines redefined
races speak
teknologi awaken

aren't you afraid of what was created today
you will be gone
machines will remain
no emotion today
no desire to behave
humanity is betrayed
Track Name: Distance My Existence
running through the darkness but I stopped I'm feeling nauseous
flicker of light far off in the distance it's persistent
I feel if I fall behind this is the end of my existence

oh don't you know
it's not the end of this story
and I'll never let you go
stick to the shadows and if you don't make a sound
we will return
return back home
peace in death we thought to die
but there are things in this world we just can't leave behind
we will fight
we must survive
this so called "life"

hope is destructive
what is left to find
destroy corrupted minds is the key to staying alive
amending your selection of your fucking own protection
obsessing over questions sparks a fury at religion
Track Name: Factory Fifteen
metal saw in metal trays
dirty clothes and under paid
ten grown men are going insane
late night fix just to feed the brain
we've been thirty six hours without cocaine
Track Name: What Have We Done?
no no no what have we done

acknowledge that I'm trying to upgrade
your mind with these fucking machines
augmented reality
is becoming your daily routines